Saturday, February 15, 2014

It Took A Movie.....To Move Me


It's been a long long time!


Maybe I'll tell you one day, and maybe not.

Today, I'm just happy that I have been inspired, I've been MOVED to write. I'm grateful.

I just finished watching W.E......The story of Wallis Simpson told from a different and interesting perspective.

I'm inspired.

I'm not here to write a commentary about the movie. Nope. I'm here to write about the feelings that the movie evoked and inspired.

Everyday, I think about what is important to me about being a woman.

It's simple.

My desire is to be beautiful
To be soft.
To be Love.
To love and be loved.
To be of service my son, my husband, my family, my friends or the greater good.
To be adored. Yes, adored. This is a big one for me. And I'm not here to be politically correct or wise. I'm simply here to tell my truth. As a woman.

I love looking and feeling beautiful. I love dressing well. I love loving.....anyone. My son, my mother, my husband, my best friend, my friends. It's simple.

Again, I'll say it. I just want to be adored.

And ideally 'the best dressed woman in the room.' To quote Wallis.

Why is it so complicated?

Oh well.

My duty to myself is to never ever let my genuine desires die. No matter how the world would like to belittle and rationalize it all.

It's simple. It's what makes me a woman.

And I'm happy to be writing again. I hope I continue to be inspired. I have to inspire myself. Yep. Got it.

Thank you for reading.....whoever you are!



And here's Wallis. She's now in my heart too.

"I have always had the courage for the new things that life sometimes offers."
Wallis Simpson The Duchess of Windsor