About Leading Lady

My Manifesto

My desire is to
design you
design for you
lavish you with beauty
listen to you
love you
create for you
photograph you
paint you
create magical experiences for you
create soul stirring, beautiful spaces for you
inspire you to love you
inspire you to love your body
inspire you to love being a woman
inspire you to love life
to bring the sway back into your hips!
 without being afraid.

My desire is
for you to see your beauty
for you to feel your power
for you to blossom
for you to shine
for you to fly
to inspire you to dream
and believe those dreams can come true
you to be anything you desire to be
have anything you desire to have
do anything you want to do
 own this grand stage we call life!
and be the Leading Lady that you know you are
breathe in all the love and adoration
and feel the glory of this life!

Inspired by LLB, SB and JBC….Your sweet souls brought me back to life. Thank you.

 Leading Lady.

Leading Lady is an idea. It's an experience, hopefully one day a movement. 

 I watched 'The Holiday' with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet a couple of years ago. There was a scene where the delightful elderly man, Arthur Abott played by Eli Wallach ....asked Iris why she was behaving like the best friend when she was in fact a Leading Lady. It made me think.......

And then there's Old Hollywood! My inspiration. Those women just had something! They were feminine and soft but at the same time bold and fearless! These are my muses. But it's not just them, there are women alive today who are equally inspiring and not all actresses, however, you will KNOW that they are the Leading Ladies of their lives, without a doubt! My intention is to learn as much as I can from these women, in fact and in fiction and share all my findings!

After dressing women, creating beautiful spaces for women, making so many brides' dreams come true.....basically taking care of women for the past 20+ years, I have come to realize that at so many times in our lives, we behave like 'best friends', like second best, act like we don't deserve anything good, feel guilty about desiring more.....I could go on and on. I've actually been guilty of this myself. When in fact, we should all be Leading Ladies, we ARE the Leading Ladies of our lives! We should take center stage and be gorgeous, bold, adventurous, sexy, smart....all these things! But we don't. We shy away from life into the background.....into supporting scenes.

I make no promises. I will not tell you that becoming a Leading Lady with me will bring you millions, long lines of adoring men and life on a silver platter. No. However, this is what I know for sure. There is no greater force on this earth than a woman who is owning her feminine power. A woman who looks and feels beautiful, sexy and gorgeous! She has the confidence of a thousand men and she can make anything happen! I bet my life on this! I've seen it happen over and over again over the years.

So, Leading Lady is an Experience. Conversations, Fashion, Femininity, Style, Luxury, Romance, Decadence, Adventure, Travel, Boudoirs, Photography, Flowers, Friendships.........

Come, let us explore. Ask....Who will you be? Together, let us discover, uncover, reveal and create the Leading Lady that you know you are!

It will be so much fun!

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About Shirley Ann.

I am a proud African Woman.

I'm from Ghana, West Africa and now, I call California my home.

Fashion is my first love. About 20 years ago, fresh out of university, I started a dressmaking business. My dream was simply to make women beautiful clothes, make them look like they had stepped out of a fashion magazine!

I named my business La Dolce Vita...The Sweet Life.

And I did exactly that. It started with custom couture, and then to gowns, wedding gowns, then weddings, then all kinds of glamorous events, then interiors, and very specialized gifts and towards the end, in addition to all of the above, there was what I like to describe as Luxury Feminine Branding.

Then about 7 years ago, I got married, left it all behind and moved to California. I went back to school with a voracious appetite for learning everything in my industry, because, everything I had done in my business was self taught.

Fashion Design, Interior Design, Photography, Art, Fashion Merchandising, Floral Design, Psychology....I devoured it all!

Currently I'm working on my Masters in Fashion Design and Marketing and you can find out more about my designs here.

I'm also Fashion and Luxury Lifestyle Consultant. You can find out more here.

As I mentioned, I've been taking care of women all this while and for that reason, I have been drawn to Teaching........sharing everything I have learned as a woman who desires to be soft, feminine, sensual and sexy and also gathering wisdom from my experiences in working with women, simply the desire to guide a woman to her Beauty and her Feminine Power. And so I am a Confidante, and a Teacher, specializing in teaching women to embrace our Feminine Magnificence and Power and also assisting women in Exquisite Self Care and embracing Luxurious Living as the most empowering force for a woman to harness.

I summarize it all by saying I Make Love to Life and I Inspire and Teach Others to Do the Same!

And.........I make you so so happy that you were born a girl! A Leading Lady.

It's a tough job but someone has to do it!

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