Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I posted this image of Helen Mirren on my Facebook page last week and I received the most views on my little page ever!

Hmm, I wonder why?

Now, of course she's a Leading Lady! Without a doubt. However, there's just something so sexy and so inspiring about seeing a woman who isn't 20 (she's 68) really owning her beauty, her sensuality and her sexuality! That woman looks HOT every time I see her! She inspires me and gives me more than hope!

We want more don't we?

They say life begins at 40 and that at 50, a woman doesn't really care what anybody thinks anymore. That's what I see being embodied by our Leading Lady du jour.

Talking about her style. She knows what looks good on her. She's always dressed like a LADY, never trying to look like someone half her age. She obviously takes good care of her body even though she's not a size zero. These are the makings of what I described her as.....Silver and Sexy!

And a while ago, she wore 'hooker heels' and in contrast with the gown she wore, it really was sexy and sensational! The media went crazy!

It's not my place to talk about the Fashion industry and the age issue....or maybe it is, but today, I'm not in the mood to complain. Another day perhaps.

In the meantime, this woman is my role model! When I'm that age, I want to feel like her! And in the meantime, if there's anyone who doesn't feel that way, give me a call! We'll make it happen! Seriously! I'm committed! All women should look and feel like this AND look forward to looking and feeling like Ms Mirren at 68!

Or just drop me a

And look, a Marks and Spencer ad....with Helen Mirren.....titled....Leading Ladies! Hmm, I may be on to something!

FYI, this won't be the last time we discuss Ms Mirren.

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